Can I place an order by phone?

Unfortunately we cannot take an order payment over the phone to protect your card security, as part of our commitment to the top PCI DSS industry standards. Our website is completely secure using worldpay, so we never even see your card details.

Can I pay in a different way not offered on the website?

Yes - we can take a bank transfer or send you a link to pay on (PBL) through worldpay if you would prefer. Please get in touch with customer services on enquiries@hdsportswear.co.uk for this. Please note such methods may delay you receiving your order.

How can I return or exchange an item?

Absolutely. Please see our returns page for more information.

Is there a collection option from the warehouse?

Unforunately, we can't do collections from the warehouse as we don't have a retail facility here. We can arrange home delivery including collection from UPS access points however!

What is the best way of getting in touch?

Email - drop us a message on enquiries@hdsportswear.co.uk

My sportswear doesn't fit!

Oh no! We're always happy to swap it for something that does. Just make a return and buy again. You can also buy two sizes and return one of them - this works well for many of our customers.

My order has come and it isn't what I asked for!

Our mistake, sorry -  Drop us an email detailing the problem and we'll get it sorted for you.

My order has come and some of the items are faulty!

We're sorry to hear this -  Drop us an email detailing the problem and we'll get it sorted for you.